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The Well: draw inspiration from the talent in our network
Professional artists, arts educators and creative partner organizations all support Hirsch Wellness Network as a well of learning, sharing and collaboration. It's a great way to connect with positive people, develop your own work and find new ideas.

Tracy Hart is just one of many resources that make up the Well...

Tracy HartI've kept some form of a journal since I was about nine years old.
That first diary was a pocket-sized lined book with a red cover featuring an Asian landscape. It appealed to me because it seemed exotic and special--which is how I felt when I wrote in it with my scented pink pen, describing my feelings and observations just like Harriet the Spy. By middle school, I was writing in spiral notebooks with dire warnings scribbled across the cover: NO TRESPASSING, THIS MEANS YOU! By high school and college, I was filling 5 or 6 of those notebooks every year. As an adult I have experimented with different journal formats, ranging from lined composition books to artist sketchbooks and handmade blank books of all sizes. 

Wellness is about more than treating illness...For the past 10 years, I've combined visual mark-making (drawings, collage, watercolor experiments) within my written journals--what is sometimes called art journaling. As an artist and writer, I enjoy choosing any new starting point and following the process wherever it may lead. We are all constantly creating and documenting our own experiences as human beings, and every mark we make along the way is meaningful. I have witnessed the transformative power of visual art and writing in my own personal and professional experience, and I enjoy opportunities to share these expressive arts with others as a workshop facilitator. I believe that joining together for creative expression is a powerful act that allows us to heal ourselves and each other.

Tracy Hart has an MA in art therapy and counseling as well as graduate training in mindfulness meditation. She has been teaching art and journaling workshops for Hirsch since 2010 and is grateful to be part of this creative community. You can see more of Tracy's artwork at her blog about artistic process, The Unfolding Moment.

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