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Hirsch Wellness Network

and Hirsch Center

1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Studio 130
Greensboro, North Carolina 27405

Send comments and content ideas to:

Louise Grape, Founder

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Board Members

Jerry Cunningham, Treasurer

Triad Yoga Institute, Owner/Instructor

Robin Mack Davis

Mack and Mack

Dr. Valerie Fields M.D.


Molly Sentell Haile

Writer, Instructor

MFA- UNC-G Creative Writing Program

Betsey Horth

Southeast Theatre Conference

Executive Director

Bill Payne

Unified AV, Triad Acoustic Stage


Advisory Board

Marty Goldstein

Retired Educator 1991-2009

Co-headmaster New Garden Friends School

Judith Kastner

Arts Advocate

Jack Stratton

Fine Artist, Gallery and Auction Preparator






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