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Art builds a bridge from person to person,   communicating what is often not found with words.


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Hirsch Wellness Network celebrates the creative process to inspire the imagination and open a horizon of new possibilities for those in our community living with cancer. Our workshops are taught by local artists who share their passion in creative writing, photography, painting and handcrafts, to emphasize community and support.

Hirsch Wellness free of charge programs support the emotional needs of cancer survivors and caregivers, by providing a path of healing through creativity!

Hirsch Wellness is a 501(c)3 non-profit ~ Your Donation Matters, Give Today!

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current inspiration

Elsewhere Artist Collaborative is an amazing and fun space in downtown Greensboro that's gaining national attention. You can't help but get a jolt of creativity when you explore the "thrift store museum" that is home to artists from around the world.Go


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